Christina/ October 24, 2009/ Culture

Crooked catering is a column in a town magazin of Stuttgart. Under this title odd and sometimes bizarre culinary establishments are presented. The web site “Dubai Mums Club”
is definitely not a gourmet tip but it is surely strange. The site calls itself “Social community for the UAE’s mothers”. That is not an Arabic ideal, it is not even an idea of Dubai’s “faster, further, higher”-ideas. On closer inspection it is simply American commerce at it’s best.

Why do I think so? The menue bar has offers like “Competitions” or “Advertise with us”. The Competitions are sponsored by “Sprüngli Chocolates”. There’s is also advertising for “Bellini”, America’s leading beauty boutique. And all that for “registered members only”;-)

And in order to let even babies know what Bellini has to offer to the Dubai Mums Club pre-ordered a second online appearance with DubaiBabies in a distinctive pink-blue design. One might be unsure whether it is made for the local audience or for bored expat-wifes.

Honi soit qui mal y pense

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