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It keeps bothering the German Journalist’s mind: The real estate crisis – whether true or fake – in the gulf. Is it due to the still existing summer slump or is it that the idea of the failing gulf states it just to tempting to be let go? Well, that’s pure gambling.

It is a fact however that interesting things can be discovered if keywords such as “Real Estate crisis in the gulf” are entered with Google’s search engine. Among others, one is being taught which countries are currently a “no go” for possible migration plans. The gulf states are, nota bene amongst hidden champions like Singapore, Hong Kong, India or Thailand, marked as “losers” of the financial crisis in 2007/8:

FLOP 4: Gulf States-Dubai-Kuwait-Qatar – The Real Estate Crisis hit the gulf states hart. Low oil prices makes redevelopment shrink. “Wait and see” is the slogan. Further disadvantages are the hot climate along with the heavy-handed rules of the Islam – especially not easy for women …

The NZZ Folio gives a warning for the “birdcall of the money” , Topic: Dubai.

Still, I liked the following “lost property” much better. It is a true perl of the Orient which I hadn’t heard of myself so far: The Arabic Museum of Nürnberg. Lo and behold, there is positive news:

The Dubai Airport Free Zone ranks second in the international Free-Trade-comparison of the Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) Magazine. Over 700 Free-Trade-Zones have been evaluated within the study „Free Zones of the Future 2010/11″. All in all seven free trade zones of four different arabic countries were amongst the study’s the top 10.

Well, I can image that a visit to the museum should be paid very soon. It a nice initative anyhow which should be supported by any man and woman.

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