Open Garden Gate: A pirate’s nest in Braunschweig

Christina/ June 23, 2024/ The daily grind, Culture

The idea of the “Open Garden Gate” seems to have spread like wildfire in the Braunschweig region and beyond. Whether in Peine, Gifhorn, or Hildesheim, the idea that citizens open their gardens for visitors is catching on. Unfortunately, in some places, commercial interests have crept in. Until now, only one visit this year had impressed me. But that changed this Saturday. The encounter with a pirate’s nest and simultaneously an enchanted natural paradise was an unexpected surprise on 2,000 square meters.

Pirate Coast Ahead
On the outskirts of town, completely unknown to me, there are a series of gardens. Right in the middle of a residential area. I believe the one by Schulpius and Ehreke is the largest. We first follow the lower arrow and step in. We don’t enter a garden with neat, weed-free beds. No, we step into the wilderness. A piece of freedom, a hideaway close to the Ringgleis. The first thing I notice is the chandelier with turquoise candles. The wooden house next to it has the exact same color. In front and behind is sand. And then a chandelier, with two chairs underneath. This is “Pirates of the Caribbean” for me. I am thrilled. We are standing in the middle of an adventure playground! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a treasure chest lying around somewhere here.

Explorer Spirit Awakened
What we discover on these 2,000 square meters over the next two hours is truly amazing. I would have been interested to know how many years it took to create this gem of a garden. The decoration is sometimes idiosyncratic; but the overall ensemble is convincing. The beautifully laid-out paths, the quiet oases inviting us to take a breath, and the natural splendor of the blossoms. Without the noises coming from the coffee gathering in the middle of the garden, we could imagine being in a park that is open just for us.

A Touch of Persia
We walk back counterclockwise. Past pokeweed, rough-haired hydrangeas, and a trumpet tree with red blossoms. We pass a vase ensemble that, because of its blue pattern, reminds me of flower vessels from ancient Persia. Just before that, we come across a very innovative lighting idea, light bulbs in glass boxes. I admire the creative diversity at work here. We can’t get enough of it and are also a bit overwhelmed. Probably one visit is not enough. I can easily imagine that we overlooked some decorative elements. But not the little house with the turquoise paint that sits in a cozy nook. Can one imagine a nicer place for a “Good Morning Coffee”?

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