Christina/ June 19, 2021/ The daily grind, Culture

I passed by a thousand times, a thousand times nothing happened. Thousand and one day and it makes Zoom.” Somehow or other I could explain today’s discovery. I have no clue for how many times I really rode through Veltheim (Ohe). But until today I missed the charming treasure of the town: the moated castle of Veltheim.

How could that happen?
In order to rework my recent report on a Veltheim visit I retrace the distance theoretically using Google maps and thereby come across the moated castle. I have no clue why this manorial site slipped through my fingers so far. It is almost embarrasing to me. But today I can rehabilitate my honour by purposefully riding to that place.

Once again I start at the western part of the Ringgleis and ride towards the Südsee at first. I take a left turn however before reaching it and follow the route of the Ringgleis. I pass by Braunschweig’s golf course and reach Rautheim. I ride by the Schöppenstedterturm and go to Sickte from there via the Herzogsberge. At Sickte I ride to Neuerkerode at first and then take a left turn to Veltheim. I pass by the Voigtsmühle and take a country road to Veltheim (Ohe).

At Veltheim I ask a postal worker for directions to the castle. I take the Neue Straße and then the Kirchstraße to my destination. I am really surprised, virtually astonished about the beauty and the location of the moated castle. I watch the carps swimming in the ditch and let my eyes wander over the dissipated park.

The geese whisperer
I get to the castle via a stone bridge. I stand still for a moment and let the environment sink into me. I face a very neat and nice site. I cross the courtyard, still facinated by the beautiful building. On the other side I see a lady talking to the geese. As the woman becomes aware of me she explains that she always talks to the geese as she knows it from an early age. They might bite strangers. Ups, so I better watch out.

With the blessing of a horse
I circle the moated castle reverentially and take pictures from all sides. I am really happy that I discovered this wonderful place for myself. Just behind the castle a nice cylce path takes course which I use after the sightseeing. Upon discovering two intimate horses on a meadow I stop once more. I can hardly believe it but the hoss eyeballs me, takes me into consideration moves its head severals times up and down and kind of nods at me as if it wants to welcome and recognize my being. I am completely fascinated by the scene and feel very good. I bow out with a warm smile and a tingeling in my stomach and follow the signs to Hemkenrode.

At Hemkenrode I get aware of a regional honey sale but continue to Schulenrode. And funny enough my second discovery of the day takes place there by coming across the former restaurant Jägerhaus which I did not recognize before.

A swan family
Via Cremlingen I go back to Braunschweig. I take the Ebertallee to Riddagshausen. I allow myself for a detour to the ponds of Riddagshausen. I am lucky to meet a swan family and take pictures of them. Daddy swan is watching me but seems to realize that I would not do any harm to them.

Energized by my discoveries and the nice conclusion of my tour I ride home satisfiedly.