Christina/ June 18, 2021/ The daily grind

Corona aka Covid-19 still determins our day-to-day life. Even though I decided some time ago to bow out of the daily coverage on number of cases and incidence rates, but even on my mountainbike I am confronted once more with the virus, like lastly at Veltheim/Ohe. At the passenger bench signs indicate “break”. I am surprised however when I learn that the place has more to offer than this concept of mobility. At the city limits I pass by the former Voigtsmühle (mill) and behind the building there is supposed to be a moated castle. Not too bad for such a small place. But there is more to discover on this tour, such as rest places of a special kind. Therefore: take a break!

At the Riddagshausener moor
I start at the western part of the Ringgleis direction of Riddagshausen. At first I ride through the city centre and leave it behind quite quickly. I arrive at the green lung of Braunschweig. I pass by the former railway station of Schapen and make a left turn at the next opportunity. I suddenly remember a small hidden green place on the right hand, which I discovered something like six years ago.

What a wonderful intuition. A beautiful boardwalk leds me deeper into the thicket. It is cool here, green and its blooming. A woman and a little girl are walking towards me, they have also bikes with them. We kindly say hello to each other and the girl thanks me for stepping aside very cutely. A nice experience such a friendly encounter.

The deeper I get into the nature preserve the more I like it. It is a little bit mystic, the calm and the nice outlook, the dense fern on the right side, looking like a magic forest. On the left side is the greenland of Riddagshausen, which I picture to myself as a moor because it becomes adventurous by then.

A railroad crossing of terror
The railroad crossing of Riddagshausen on the Ebertallee close to the “Grüner Jäger” is infamous for its long closed barriers. At first I intend to cross the overpass at the Weddeler Graben. However there are already some bikers waiting. I ask them for how long they have been waiting already. Five minutes later I decide to go on an try another crossing – the one on the Ebertallee. However, the situation there is exactly the same. I decide on a detour and finally reach the Ebertallee on the other side of the crossing.

I ride towards the Schöppenstedterturm where I take a picture of the flourishing red poppies before I follow the road L625 until I turn left into the Herzogsberge, in order to reach Sickte.

The Voigtsmill of Veltheim
My original plan was to go the Amplebener Berg. However, as the detours at Riddagshausen took me so long and I decide to take a short cut. I choose my way back via Veltheim and I am happy about the nice cylce path next to the Wabe river first and then about the discovery of the Voigtsmühle on the right side.

The water mill cannot be visited though. A sign however gives you information about the mill’s history. It was errected in 1786 and is out of use by now.

The passenger bench takes a break
I ride through Klein Veltheim and pass by the passenger’s bench, which is out of service right now – due to Corona I guess. I continue through a small woodland towards Schulenrode. Via a country road I ride to Cremlingen and from there to Riddagshausen.

I beautify my way back to the western part of the Ringgleis. I choose the way via Ölpersee and make a short break to watch some ducks and geese with its offspring. Afterwards I ride home relaxedly.