A tube in the cornfield

Christina/ July 16, 2022/ The daily grind, Culture

I have not heard of the place Hockeln before. On this sunday the village is the starting point of our 13 km long hiking trip. We decided on a circle tour via Derneburg and Astenbeck. At Derneburg main attractions are the castle and the Laves culture path. On our way we learn what a cheese knows. However we did not expect to find a tube in the cornfield. Additionally we pass by a copy of Bates‘ Motel.

A tube in the cornfield
The parth to Derneburg follows the course of the river Innerste. On a country road we come across a picture frame. Nothing special though. However this bordering is meant to offer a view onto Bad Salzdetfurth. We do not quite understand this, as the city is located completely on the other side. Who cares? We concentrate on the wild flowers blooming on the way, such as the common ragwort oder violets.

We cross the street and walk towards Derneburg. Suddenly we spot on the other side a signpost for the underground. „U-Bahn Meersum“ is written on it. Well, a tube in a cornfield? What is that supposed to be? We cannot find any explanation for it. Therefore we have to bear the agonizing uncertainty. Some metres further on we reach the former power station. The building was meanwhile turned into a private mansion with a lake. Our next station is the idyllice Mariensee. Unfortunately there is no chance for a break as all benches are taken. We cross the Lavesbrücke (Lavesbridge) and head straight towards the castle‘ garden. It is an interesting place. For expample there is the sculpture „Querkopf“ (pigheaded fellow). Well, it looks like Jesus upside down at the cross. Is that not almost blasphemy? We learn that the sculpture by G. Baselitz is actually about something else: it is about the signs of the times and of the future.

The cheese knows it …
We pass by the beautiful building for farming of Schloss Derneburg. I discover a poster at the end of the way, pinned on a tree. „The cheese knows it“ is written on it. What ist hat supposed to be? Ah well, it is advertising for communication in relationships. But where is the connection to cheese? This question might be answered on July 16th for 29 Euros in a workshop. We do not want it. We are looking for some coffee. The „Café im Glashaus“ is located next to the castle museum. Unfortunately many other people had the same idea. The place is packed. We leave the place. We cross the street and see a sign promoting the museum café. Okay, let’s do it. The place is a calm, we can sit outside and the selection of beverages and food is also nice. Perfect!

No badge around our neck
Standing at the counter we realize that everybody else wears a badge around his neck – despite us. Upon ordering our drinks and food we are being asked for a voucher worth five Euros. No, we do not have one. Well nobody cares and we get our order regardless. After our coffee break we leave the premise. Suddenly there is a voice behind us asking for our badges. The request comes from a woman sitting in a wooden hut behind us. We turn around. The lady wants the badges back. „We do not have any“ is our reply. The woman looks irritated. Burkhard walks over to the hut and talks to the woman. Afterwards I learn that we were supposed to pay an entrance fee of 8 Euros, the voucher of 5 Euros would have been included. However we did not care for the museum, only for the café. And we paid our dues properly over there. We leave it at that and move on.

We follow the Kastanienallee. Before we start our return path we take a look at the observation point on the right hand side. Some animal photographers occupy the place. Two of them have telephoto lenses. We learn that they have been there for a while. However today that could not „stalk“ anything. After a chat we return to the Innerste. That is our way back to Hockeln. On the way Burkhard spots a great crested grebe on a lake. It has to be photographed. The rest of the past is quite unspectacular.

Bates’ Motel
I can see it already from afar. The former signalman house. A narrow, shaky building that reminds me on Bates‘ Motel from the Hitchcock movie „Psycho“. There is a short scary shower going down my spine. An interesting end of a nice and near-natural hiking trip.

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