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A saying goes: each to his own. In other words, anybody shall live and act as one think best. But how about if the behaviour breaches the public order? That’s what we experienced last sunday between Braunlage and Sankt Andreasberg. Sexually explicit dragonflies copulate free and easy at the shore of the water. Every ancient Roman brothel would pales besides this promiscuity. A shock of a different kind gives us the woodland restaurant Rinderstall. Whoever is looking forward to a beer or the like will be disappointed. Food and drinks are coming from a vending machine. I much prefer the stop at the illustrious Königskrug. Nothing has changed there in the past years.

Brocken Challenge 2022
The first metres of our tour are calm. Suddenly after the Bärenbrücke more and more people are crossing our way coming from Braunlage. It is conspicuous that everyone has a badge around his neck. Out of curiosity we address to one of them. With a slightly agonized voice we are told that it is a hiking challenge. The hikers started yesterday at Göttingen and walked 50 kilometres to Bad Lauterberg. Today’s stage goes from there to the mountain Brocken, which is about 37 kilometres.

According to the facial expressions this does not seem to be fun. We realize that almost nobody of that group notices the beautiful surroundings. The idyllic waterfalls of the Bode are being neglected, the view follows the goal.

The dragonfly brothel of the Silberteich
We leave the warme Bode and reach the so called villa quarter of Braunlage. We do not see any magnificent buildings. We reach the forest once more and come across the Panorama-Café at the Himbeerwald. We fancy with a stop however the place does not open up before 2 o’clock p.m. We continue towards Silberteich and reach at first the Naturmythenpfad. They have a wooden throne here. Sure we make a shot with us. We reach the Silberteich.
It is a really nice place. Und a deep blue sky the lake lies calmly. Clouds are reflecting in it and hundreds of pollywogs and little fish are scrimmaging in it. Some of them are jumping like dolphins out of the water. We walk over the bridge and come across a bank. Dreamily we look onto the lake and hardly cannot believe our luck until … Well, until I spot a green dragonfly. Right away my instinct tells me to take a picture. The dragonfly however is camera-shy. Suddenly I discover something else near to the bank. A red dragonfly couple making love. I move closer to take a picture and could not believe my eyes. At least ten more couples are doing the same. Unbelievable how dedicated and skilled it looks like. I almost get the impression that it is happy to get all this attention. This must be it, the dragonfly brothel of the Silbersee.

Just meals, not deals
After this unexpected spectacle we continue with our hike towards Rinderstall. We imagine what we will be eating and drinking once we arrived there. We hope for free space on the terrace as well. Upon our arrival we are irritated that almost all tables are free. Why? We find out that that the restaurant is closed on saturdays and sundays. Only food and drinks from a vending machine for saucy prizes are available. We did not expect that. Two other couples suffer from the same findings. So everybody is unpacking one’s own food.
On our way back we make a detour at the Hahnenkleeklippe. As I recall the outlook used to be nicer before all the dead trees ruined the view.

Vintage has proved its worth
Around 5 o’clock we are back at the Königskrug. We do not feel like having a hugh creme puff today but a nightcap after the tour is a must. The good-humoured waiter brings the menue. I go the bathroom and realize that nothing has changed inside the restaurant for years.

The waiter asks what madame and sir want to drink. Upon delivering the drinks I ask for the bill. I round up the amount to eight Euros and hand over a ten Euros bill to the waiter. I am irritated when the waiter gives the change to Burkhard. What? Does he really think that Burkhard gave me the money so I can pay once? Well, it seems to me that not only the furniture is old fashioned.