Christina/ January 19, 2020/ Ideas of philosophy

This year started with a royal drumbeat: The Sussexes step back from their royal titles. The royal scandal had its kick-off one week ago when a post on instagram by Meghan and Harry announced that they intend to reduce their service for the crown and will live in Canada and Great Britain in the future. Both, the royal family and the people were confused. What is going on? Is that possible at all? Can they just leave and live like they want to? Obviously, they can. Is the matter a kind of history repeating when we think of Edward VIII stepping back from the throne in favour of his love to the devorced Wallis Simpson, also an American woman?

Well, there are more other tragic cases within the royal family: Princess Margarete, “Fergie”, Princess Diana. They all were not to happy with their role within the royal family and the way the press treated them. And such things have become worse with the help of digitalized media and the omnipresence of such devices as well as hate speech within the so called social channels.

I guess, Meghan is very lucky to have found somebody as strong and loyal as Harry is to her. To my mind it is their right to have a calm and peaceful live of their own and it is their decision how to live it.