Christina/ March 14, 2010/ Culture

It could be midlife-crisis that has never been overcome or just the reaction of a former political pop-star who’s missing the stage: colonel Gaddafi once again slipped into one of his most wanted roles, the Enfant terrible of the world stage.

After all he still manages that the press writes about him and sometimes an interesting discussion unfolds. Sometimes he is described as the head of a terrible family and sometimes as “crazy dog of the Near East“.

Why does he still get so much attention? Because he polarizes like no other? Gaddafi, meanwhile 68 years old, is anything but a dark horse. It is a fact that Gaddafi is one of the few Head of State who have been ruling for more than 40 years. And beyond that a lot of things happened in his eventful life. Here comes a chronic of his most important stations:

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