Alwine Pompe: Upcycling at it’s best!

Christina/ October 21, 2023/ Culture

The Jakobs-Kemenate currently hosts an exhibition of a somewhat different kind: artworks created from metallic chocolate wrapper paper and colored pencils on wood. Alwine Pompe, born in Hamburg, is the creator of these colorful works of art. The exhibition is titled “The Signs of Hope – Symbology as a Guide.” When visiting the exhibition, one should take their time with each piece. The art is in the details. What also surprises us is that, in examining the paintings, childhood memories resurface. The exhibition can be visited until November 12, 2023.

From a distance and up close
The first piece immediately captivates us. It’s called “perpetual.” The colors transitioning from yellow to green are beautiful. But what truly astonishes me is that there are no visible seams between the pieces of chocolate wrapper paper. The work is executed so perfectly that it all appears seamless. Noticeable are the many fish swimming throughout the piece, a Christian symbol that can be found in almost all of Alwine Pompe’s exhibited paintings.

After this impressive start, we dedicate ample time to explore the details of each work. Admittedly, we couldn’t initially imagine creations made from chocolate wrapper paper. However, during our visit, we become more and more enthralled by this idea, partly because the execution is so flawless. We almost crawl into the paintings to investigate the various facets of the works. Here, we discover the various chocolate brands whose foil paper was used. A well-known Swiss brand is particularly frequent, whether as former Easter eggs, Santas, or chocolates.

But we also spot other brands we remember from our childhood, some of which may have changed ownership or no longer exist. Now, the search becomes truly enjoyable, and we attempt to identify as many chocolate manufacturers as possible in each painting.

We are certainly impressed by Pompe’s artwork. Another visitor to the exhibition shares our sentiment. “I’ve already tasked my grandchildren with collecting their candy and chocolate wrapper paper for me in the future,” she confides in us with a smile. Upon seeing how much time we spend at each painting, discussing them repeatedly, she asks me if we are artists as well. I shake my head. “Not at all, but the technique fascinates us.” We nod in agreement. It seems that Alwine Pompe has found three new fans.

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