Premium hikes at the West Allgäu

Christina/ January 7, 2024/ The daily grind

Hiking in the Allgäu region has its charm in every season. In spring, the blooming meadows; in summer, the happy cows; in autumn, the colorful foliage; and in winter, the sun. Yes, we had little snow, but plenty of sunshine. Particularly beautiful are the sunrises and sunsets in the clear winter air. It’s fitting that the “aussichtsreich” premium hiking trails are located in the West Allgäu. Coincidentally, the premium trail “Berg & See” starts right in Scheidegg, our holiday destination. Once you get a taste for it, you naturally want more. Therefore, we also explore the Kneipp circular hiking trail and the premium trail “Klamm & Mystik.”

Premium Trail “Berg & See”
This cross-border hiking trail is a panoramic circuit offering views of the Alps and Lake Constance on varied paths. We start directly from our accommodation, Hotel Edita. Through the forest, we reach the parking lot of Skywalk Allgäu. From up here, we experience our first “WOW” moment, looking back. A narrow path leads us across the border to Austria, specifically to Möggers in Vorarlberg. And here, we are truly amazed. The hills become gentler, the sky bluer, and the mountains closer. Every time I think I’ve seen the most beautiful view or motif, I am surprised again. The view of Lake Constance at Schüssellehen in Eichenberg is unbeatable. The sight of the entire lake, including Lindau Island, on this clear, sunny day is simply incredible. It’s almost impossible for me to avert my eyes from this view. Why would I? Right at the top is Fesslerhof Metzgerei with a snack station. Equipped with beer, shandy, and a hearty snack, we have an exclusive view of the lake from the terrace while basking in the sun. It couldn’t be better.

Alpenwirtschaft Bromatsreute
Leaving this paradise is difficult for us. However, the way back is equally scenic. Passing Alpenwirtschaft Bromatsreute, we leave the Alpine Republic again. It’s back to Scheidegg. The wonderful views stay with us. Returning from the forest at Kurhaus, we are rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

Kneipp Circular Hiking Trail with Jokes
Two days later, the sun may not be as radiant, but walking the Kneipp circular hiking and joke trail is still worth it. With a length of 14 kilometers, it’s a manageable hike. The highlight: Today too, we can start our hike right from our accommodation. Through Eberschwand, we head to Forst. On the trail, I spot a creature with colorful feathers. Is that a peacock? Indeed, as we get closer, we discover a particularly beautiful specimen surrounded by its harem. Across from it, renovations are underway at Restaurant Forster Einkehr, offering an inviting menu at reasonable prices and a lovely terrace. However, we continue our hike, passing Hubertuskapelle and entering a wooded area, Rorgenmoos. After a while, we reach Schalkenried and the Martinakapelle. However, my attention is drawn to the colorful facade of a manor dominating the village.

Dorfsennerei Böserscheidegg
Our next destination is the village dairy in Böserscheidegg. Since 1897, they have been producing mountain cheese and butter from hay milk. These delicacies can also be ordered. It’s hard for me to pass by this cheese paradise. However, in the hotel, we are so well-fed that any more dairy products would be redundant. Reluctantly, we continue to Buflingsried, ascending to Roderbühl. From here, we are said to have one of the best views in the West Allgäu. That’s true. But even from a historical perspective, the glacial moraine is impressive. At the highest point of Roderbühl, the remains of a bunker from World War II are located. A lookout post was stationed here. Passing through the village of Haus, we reach Marienkapelle, the turning point of our hike.

In Bieslings, we not only discover the Gallus and Magnus Chapel, but the path to the Scheidegger Waterfall is also signposted. We take a detour to the cascade but find it closed at the moment. Via Aizenreute, we then return to Kurhaus, the starting point.

Premium Trail “Klamm & Mystik”
Two days later, the sky is again brilliantly blue. Off to Weiler im Allgäu for the “Klamm & Mystik” hiking trail. This time, we have an adventurous trail with plenty of water. The path follows through forest and meadow paths and trails. We start in the center of Weiler. Along the Hausbach, the trail passes the Lourdes Chapel, ascends to the sawmill, and enters the Hausbach Gorge. Here, the adventure begins. Access is blocked due to fallen trees. We hesitate but decide to try our luck. We enter a new world; only fairies are missing. Stairs lead us along steep cliffs through a wildly romantic scenery, accompanied by the sound of rushing water.

Upon reaching the top, we pass the adventure playground and continue to Trogener Moor, a nature reserve. Unfortunately, we miss Enschenstein because it’s not entirely clear at the fork that we should take a detour here. So, we follow the rather steep path through the forest and pass by the “leaning hut” of Bad Sieber. Suddenly, at the Sieberquelle, a naked person appears. The undressed lady belongs to the Alten Brunnenhaus. Across a meadow and finally along the Rothach, we return to the beautiful town of Weiler im Allgäu.

One Last Stroll
On New Year’s Eve, we take a final stroll through Scheidegg. Before the New Year’s Eve gala, we want to move a bit. Once again, we are drawn up to the high path with the beautiful swing and breathtaking views. From up here, I also spot the small oratory on the hill opposite. It’s the Kriegergedächtnis Chapel. So, we quickly have a destination. Passing through the town of Scheidegg, we reach the other side and once again discover places that captivate us. And how could it be otherwise? From the hill of the chapel, we once again have a fantastic view over Scheidegg and beyond. What remains for me to say except: “Goodbye Scheidegg and Goodbye Allgäuer Alps.” But, today is not the end, I will return, no doubt.

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