The frog prince at the feet of a suitor

Christina/ May 18, 2024/ The daily grind

The time of the “Open Gates” in Braunschweig and the surrounding area has begun again. This Sunday we’re going to Völkenrode to visit the Krause family. A 600 square meter garden with perennial beds, climbing roses and raised beds has been announced. However, a little green guy named Grass Frog steals the show. The frog kings are obviously feeling the spring fever: it’s mating season. And this much can be revealed: Not every female frog is happy about the aggressive mating behavior of the males.

Beautiful colour arrangements
Large perennial beds with onion flowers, raised beds hidden behind climbing roses, a frog pond and a collection of owls await us at the Krause family in Völkenrode. As you walk through the garage into the garden, Ms. Krause’s collection of owls catches your eye. Some of the birds of prey were purchased, others she designed and made herself. The garden is a real gem. It impresses visitors with seating areas, ponds and color-coordinated flower arrangements. Later, over coffee, the Krauses tell us that the path to the garden that it is now took about 20 years. You are welcome to have breakfast in the green area in the morning. The source of inspiration for the design is always trips to gardens all over the world. Overall, the area makes a very well-kept impression; one can only congratulate the Krauses.

Let us do it, honey
However, when I take a closer look at the garden pond, it all happened to me. After I discovered the numerous frogs, dragonflies and snails in the pond, there was no stopping me. At first I am fascinated by the frog boss who has made himself comfortable on a lily pad. The little green fellow literally puffs himself up terribly and starts croaking loudly as soon as someone tries to take his place. Clearly, this pond is his kingdom. But real (love) life takes place at the edges of the pond. It can be observed again and again that the male graphrosch wants to get to the point quickly. Sometimes the frogs sit in groups of four or five, on top of each other. However, it must be mentioned that not everyone involved has a happy face.

Playing dead during sex

The female grass frog seems to have developed her own strategy to avoid the intrusive male. Madame simply pretends to be dead when she tries to climb it. Watching it makes me feel like I’m in an orgy in ancient Rome or something like that in my imagination. It goes haywire. Every now and then one of the frogs tries to eat a dragonfly as a snack, but usually fails. That’s right, dragonflies also live here. In addition to the blood-red darter, the blue feather dragonfly is also present. These insects also seem to have found a formidable place for themselves here, even if they have to be careful of the frogs. Some frogs are left unaffected by the whole thing and prefer to take a nap on the warm stones.

An entertaining afternoon.

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