Biike-brennen at the Marienburg

Christina/ February 25, 2024/ The daily grind

This Saturday we are going to Hildesheim again. We meet at the train station, from there we go to the Gasthaus Kupferschmiede. This is where our today’s tour starts. Right at the game gate next to the restaurant we are magically captivated by the goats. The enclosure is an attraction for young families. It quickly becomes clear that the goats are already used to the cuddles and attention. As soon as they discover the first visits, the animals immediately come to the fence and let themselves be stroked extensively. In doing so, they give us glances that could certainly soften stones. I could stay here longer. But we are only at the beginning of our tour. At the fallow deer we stop again and admire the beautiful antlers. We were particularly taken with a hind who was visibly enjoying sunbathing and closing her eyes with relish.

A slippery affair
We move on. It goes through the forest for a bit, then through a residential area. We come to the Padang Bridge< /a>, cross this and come to the innermost part. On the other side there are very beautiful houses. Here, old villas stand next to new buildings – all with terraced gardens and a wonderful view of the inner city. After a while we come to the horse pastures. At this point the path becomes a bit inhospitable for the first time. The horses have torn up the ground quite a bit and the rain from the last day has done the rest. We’re standing in the mud, at least ankle deep, trying to somehow get to the other side. This is easier said than done. We need a relatively long time for this section. In addition, we keep getting stuck on thorny bushes. When we finally reach the end of the meadows, we find out that we are going through the Nnature reserve at the “Roten Stein”. Finally the Domain Marienburg comes into view. Now we are a little relieved.

Biike-brennen at the Marienburg
It’s time for a break. At the Hofcafé der Domain seems like something is going on. We hear music and see a line of people setting up some kind of bar. We don’t yet know whether it might be a private event and we will be left out. We are lucky. The employees of the Hofcafé are making the final preparations for the Biike-brenn that is supposed to take place here today. We’ve come to the right place. We enter the restaurant and are overwhelmed by the selection of cakes and cakes. Homemade truffles are also part of the program. From our table we can relax and enjoy the activities outside for the Track traditional fire. Even the short but violent shower that falls outside the café doesn’t bother us.

Schwarze Heide
We walk through the Feldmarkt towards the “Schwarze Heide”, a nature reserve in Diekholzen near Hildesheim. It is particularly beautiful at the top of the ridge path. On the left, the Heck cattle are grazing or wallowing in the mud, exulting. The last two or three kilometers are just straight ahead, then we are back at the Kuperschmiede inn.

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