Christina/ November 23, 2020/ The daily grind, Culture

You know that: commercial brochures always promise you the best experience ever. The brochure „Naturelebnis Saale-Unstrut“ just told me that visiting and hiking aroudn the Geiseltalsee would be it. The lake is supposed to be the biggest man-made of its kind within Germany. We intend to bicycle around the water body. The circle around the lake is 26 km long. However this saturday morning is quite cold (- 1 degree, over the day 6 degrees with heavy winds). That’s too cold for taking the bikes that’s why we prefer a walk around the lake. Even though the beginning of our tour is quite bumpy we are happy afterwards looking back on an interesting day.

We want to fly at a higher game
We start our tour at the Marina of Mücheln. On the one hand, we realize that the path is not really a hiking path but made for bikes. On the other hand, the landscape is anything else but spectacular.

However we keep our good mood and concentrate on the three observation towers of 15 m height along the way. The first one is called Pauline. On top of the tower it is not only cold but windy too. I take some fast pictures and move on.

The vanished village of Geiseltal
We move on to Wünsch. We are overtaken by some cyclists from time to time but there is not much traffic due to the cold weather conditions. We reach the village of Wünsch after a while and discover a signpost to the vineyards. The landscape changes by now for the better. It is getting interesting.

After quite a steep ascend we reach a historic monument. We see some information boards. It is a memorial site for sixteen villages which have to give way to the mining industry. A mosaic on the floor reminds of its fate. About 12.500 people were removed from this place during 1929 and 1975.

A seasonal vine tavern
From the historical site we move on to the vineyards. We reach a seasonal vine tavern – closed due to Corona. It is a really nice one with a panoramic view on the lake and the surroundings. Next to vine the facility also offers food. I wish I could try some right now.

We continue our hike and reach another nice destination after 1,5 hours. From close to scatch we are standing in front of a hot wine punch hut at Frankleben. We kind of revive, this is so great regarding the cold and windy weather.

The marina of Brunsbedra
Limbered up by the hot wine we reach the Marina of Brunsbedra another 1,5 hours later. This marina is nicer than the one of Mücheln. It has another observation tower which is however partly closed. Still it offers a nice view over the landscape. Dawn has started and puts the harbour into a warm light, you can even see a rainbow in the distance.

We still have another hour to walk to reach our starting point again. It is getting dark and the kilometres walked are in our system. We hang on and motivate ourselves by thinking of a nice dinner. Turkish, Asian oder better Greek? We reach Mücheln, the end must be close. A quarter of an hour later we arrive at our car. Mission completed.