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Despite the Corona lockdown the motto this autumn is: discover Germany in all its facets. Today’s hiking tour leads us from Bad Kösen to Schulpforta and the former Cistercian cloister. From there we walk through the „Kalte Tal“ to Naumburg. The way back leads us through the autumnal vineyards along the Saale-Wein-Weg: an eye catcher of a special kind. Und: and there is also something for the physical well-being.

Towards Schulpforta
We start our tour at the city limits of Bad Kösen, opposite the gas station. From here we follow the hiking trail to Schulpforta that leads us through the forest. Approximately after an hour we reach the former Cistercian cloister Pforta. At first we pay a visit to the wine shop. The offer is really tempting. We decide to come back another day and buy some vine.

Unfortunately for the time being it is not possible to visit the place because of the secondary school on the compound with pupils who have to be protected from Corona. We walk around the place a little bit and take a look at the park behind the cloister. Afterwards we continue our way to Naumburg. We hike through the „Kalte Tal“ and lose our orientation for a while. A friendly man gives us some directions on how to get to the city centre.

Coffee-to-go at Naumburg
We reach Naumburg and want to take a look at the well-known dome St. Paul und Peter. Unfortunately the cathedral is closed either. We decide to take a look at the city centre. I get myself some flip-flops. Afterwards we buy coffee-to-go from a pastry shop. We carry our loot to a park bench at the market square, sitting in the sun enjoying our drinks. We take a good look around, the market place is really nice, a perfect setting for a lunch break.
After the break we continue with our town sightseeing tour. We walk through some alleys and allow ourself the first Glühwein (hot wine) of the year.

At the Saale-Wein-Weg
We leave Naumburg in the afternoon in direction of the train station. We come across the Saaleradweg and walk towards Roßbach, because the Saale-Wein-Weg starts here. The way back is really nice. Die afternoon sun puts the vineyards in a wonderful light. Along the path we come across wine-growing estates again and again, partly with out-of-home sale.
The way through the vineyards leads us to the Fürst-Heinrich-Stein. The path is steep and takes us higher and higher above the vineyards. The sun slowly sets and we are still some kilometres away from Bad Kösen. Will we have a save return?

Through the dark forest
We realize that our walking pace gets faster and faster. We still have our flashlights within our mobiles. We have to avoid stumbling over a root and to overstretch our ligaments. We are still high above Bad Kösen when the twilight takes more and more light away from us. We finally reach a clearing. Now I know where we are. We just have to go down and will reach the centre of Bad Kösen. Well done.

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