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The Allgäu is a hikers’ paradise. The village of Bad Hindelang (825 a.a.) located in the Upper Allgäu is a great starting point for mountain hikes. We climb six peaks in a weak. Thereby we enhance our performance from 1.456 metres to 2000 metres. Next to the Hirschberg (1.456), the Spieser (1.651), the Imberger horn (1.656), the Iseler (1.876) and the Strausberg (1.554) we get on top of the Krinnenspitze (2.000). Besides these mountain peaks we came across some alps. A proper beer or a shandy after a hike is a great finish, as every wanderer knows.

First day’s hike: The Hirschberg

Right at the first day luck is on our side. We plan something comfortable as we do not know the level of difficulty of the terrain yet. We are in for a moderate climb onto the Hirschberg. We start directly from our holiday appartment at Bad Oberdorf and walk to the bus terminal of Bad Hindelang. That is the official starting point. At first we walk a bit through the place and then up to the forest. We walk through a wild gorge – the Hirschbachtobel. Slowly but surely we shoot up. We make us of a first viewpoint and let the environment sink into us.

Having reached the top we grab a bench at first. Then the mandatory peak phot has tob e shot. The summit cross on the Hirschberg is located a little bit underneath of the actual top. From here the perspective is much nicer and allows for an ample view over the Allgäu alps.

Next station: The Spieser
The summit is well attended this day. Groups of hikers, families and dogs – the place is busy. After we had enough of the view and sandwiches we are ready for the descent. We have to go up a little bit further at first to the actual peak of the Hirschberg. Following the walk downhill via the north side. At this point we have the possibility to continue to the mountain Spieser. We take a look at the sky. Well the weather is still nice. Therefore we take our chance and move on to our today’s second peak. On the summit however the sky gets overkast and the winds are chilly. That’s why we move on quite speedy and continue to the Klank hut.

After a while we reach the outlook „Ifenblick“ above Oberjoch. Once again we let our eyes wander across the mountain ranges. Slowly but surely we then start our return path via Oberjoch to Bad Oberdorf.

For the courageous ones: The Imberger Horn
On the second day we plan the ascent onto the Imberger Horn. The weather forecast predicts thunderstorms in the afternoon. We start our tour with bright sunshine. From the village limits of Bad Oberdorf we walk through the wood until we reach the hill station of the Hornbarn Hindelang. We stop by at the tavern „Oberes Horn“ for something to drink and enjoy the beautiful view.

We follow the signposted path to the Imberger Horn. The route is more narrow and challenging than before. Via some winding roads and at the end some climbing we finally reach the summit. Once you made it you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama view. We allow ourselves for a drinking and eating break before we shoot or summit photo.
From the peak we continue via the Straußbergsattel to the Straußberg itself. From here we have two options to return to Bad Oberdorf: we can choose the path via the Straußeberg-Alm and thus return to the hill station of the Hornbahn. Or we chose the route via the Rettenschwenger Tal. We decide on the second option. We pass by the Mitterhaus Alpe and stop there for a beer. Suddenly we see heavy clouds in the sky, it’s time to go back.

Faster than lightening
We still hope to make it dry home. Well it’s not working out. Midway it starts raining. Slightly at first but it gets stronger quite quickly. We are lucky to find some shelter on the way. After a quarter of an hour we move on. We make it to the village boundary of Bad Oberdorf. Then again it starts raining. But we still do not know how lucky we really are. Upon our arrival at the flat it gets darker and darker outside. Suddenly a storm moves in and it rains that heavily that the water just flows down the road. The voluntary fire brigade marches out and tries to prevent the worst. We are stunned by the heavy amount of water.

A fine line: The Iseler
Meanwhile we are completely worn in. We dare to tackle some more challenging routes. We take the bus to Overjoch and deboard at the Iseler cable car. We start our tour right at the bottom of the mountain. The start is steep and sweaty. Having reached the intermediate station by foot, we turn left onto the Schmugglerstieg (smuggler’s path). The path connects Germany with Austria. We continue to go up but then do not follow the ridgeway to the summit but continue at first to the Wannen-Jochstadl (tavern).
We stop for some cold drinks. We think about how to move on. Shall we go to the top? Well, the summit is just an hour away. Let’s give it a try. The descend is not too bad. After a while we hit our inital path, the ridgeway. Sure footedness and nimbleness are a plus on this part.

On the top of physical pleasures
Once we reached the summit all the labor is forgotten. We enjoy a nice break, take some deep breathes and have something to eat. Afterwards we follow the sign to the hill station of the Iselerbahn for descending. However we do not know the cable car is not running. Therefore we hike all the way down to the bottom and rush towards the Gundalpe for some beer.

The three cabin’s walk
Today we start our last tour. We feel some melancholy when we start our tour at the Tannheimer Tal close to Nesselwängle. We want to try the „3-cabin’s walk“. A hike that combines three huts with each other: The Krinnenalpe, the Nesselwängler Edenalpe and the Gräner Ödenalpe. But, that’s not enough for us: we also climb on top of the Krinnenspitze.

Starting at the ramblers’ car park at Nesselwängle we climb up to the Krinnenalpe. This day will be hot. That’s why we stop for a cold drink. As the next hut, the Nesselwängler Edenalpe, is close to the first one, we just pass by. I suddenly see a signpost telling us that the Krinnenspitze is just an hour away. We give it a try and make a detour via the mountain’s summit to the next cabin. The peak of the Krinnenspitze is really amazing. We are on a height of 2.000 metres. We can see the Haldensee, the Tannheimer Tal and a fantastic mountain range from the top. It is definitely the nicest view we had so far.

We take the Enzianstieg for our descent and turn right into the Alpenrosenweg to reach the Gräner Ödenalpe. We indulge ourselves in a long break. The descent is long and quite steep. Finally we almost reach the Krinnenalpe again. At a crossing we turn right onto a narrow and steep path to go back to Nesselwängle. It is an absolute fantastic hike.

Back at Nesselwängle we stop at the Haldensee to say goodbye to Austria