Christina/ September 17, 2020/ The daily grind

It is still summer, it is still warm outside, but the feeling of “German Angst” is already here again. The fear of the cold season and a second wave of Covid 19 is like a sword of Damocles, combined with the menace of a second shutdown. Therefore I wonder on this sunny morning: “What bolsters me up in these times of crisis? On my today’s tour with my mountain bike towards Gifhorn I actually come across some motivators: funny things, thoughtful things and the solidarity of a sports club that can be also inspiring for outsiders.

Allow your dog a change
It is a fantastic day. The sky is steel blue, the sun is burning and I am focussed on my goal: Once more I want to cycle to Gifhorn. This time I am using the direct path via Ölpersee, Rühme, Wenden, Bechtesbüttel, Abbesbüttel, Mein, Ohnhorst, Gravenhorst and Isenbüttel. The cycle path until Abbesbüttel is not exceptionally nice but due to its continuous tarmac pavement good and fast to run. An irritated garden owner vented it’s anger with the help of an original sign: “Allow your dog a change: Let it poop in front of you own door!” That hit home.

A 1000 years without sorrow
Beyond Abbesbüttel it is only three kilometres to Meine – almost half of the distance. Once again I pass by the ostrich farm at Meine and say hello to feathered friends – there is a second smile on my face.

At Meine I turn left from the main road into the cycle parth to Ohnhorst and Gravenhorst. On purpose I read the town sign of Ohnhorst wrong: Ohnsorg – without sorrow – I think to myself, as it were the Sans Souci of the Braunshweiger Land. It is calm and idyllic here, not a bit of the Corona-madness. According to the message on the town sign, newly interpreted by me, it now says: 1000 years without sorrow.

I move on to Gravenhorst and Isenbüttel. The St. Marien church catches my eye. I wanted to take a picture of it already the last time, now I do it. The red brick building shines in contrast to the deep blue sky. A great picture. I enjoy the moment and go on. Beyond Isenbüttel I cycle towards Tankumsee. At the crossing, the Nordtangente, I decide to leave the cycle path. The detour would take me another five kilometres so I drop that trail. Instead I take a left to the tangent and therefore directly to Gifhorn. Indeed this is not a nice street but it is the fastest way. After two hours I arrive at the city centre of Gifhorn.