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Have you heard about Mabel? She could have been John Bon Jovis muse when he sang “Oh, she is a little runaway” in the 80ies or she could have been Götz Alzmann’s role model for “Mabel with legs bent like sabre.” Mabel, the vivacious old Englih sheepdog from Wolfshagen that likes to jump over fences and to let off steam on sundays. Well, it is a dog and what it did not know is that with the help of modern digital media it is no big deal anymore to reunite run away dogs and their owners: Take a picture of the object, post it on Facebook and contact has already been made.

Mabel is looking for playmates
We start our sunday morning hiking tour on a parking lot at Langelsheim, close to Goslar – at first without Mabel. Just shortly before we reach Wolfshagen, we come across Mabel. She is focused on a dog kept on a leash. The leashed dog does not care for her, much to Mabel’s disappointment. However she literally beams when she sees our group with five dogs. So many playmates at one time. “What a sunday” she might think. From that moment on she did not let us out of her sight for the entire morning.

However we got a little bit worried about the situation. Will the dog be able to find it’s way back home? The dog owners among us consult with each other and find a solution. They take a picture of Mabel, make a phone call to let somebody put the picture on Facebook. And it works. An hour later we receive a phone call from Mabel’s mistress. She will pick her up at the parking lot we started from.

Stiff breeze
We continue our walking tour which started off at Langelsheim and lead us via Heimberg to the Granetalsperre (a dam) and from there back to the parking lot. We catched a very stiff breeze that day and had a hard time fighting against the wind on top of the concrete dam.

When we reach the parking lot, Mabel’s “mum” is already waiting for us, happy to see her dog. Mabel is not aware of any wrongdoing, she just made herself a great day and made some new friends – just like us.

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