Christina/ September 19, 2010/ The daily grind


Going out can be such a drag in Brunswiek. Especially if want to party or celebrate. Some pubs are just closing around 10 o’clock p.m, others are populated by the “Golden 60ies”. But there are bright spots as well. Since very recently lovers of the “oriental cozy lifestyle can get their’s money’s worth. The “Pascha Shisha Café” located at Neumarkt. They offer everything a Waterpipe-Lover craves for: A very good waterpipe with charcoal (good-bye to chemistry) at a reasonable price (5,00 Euros a piece), good cocktails, discreet music, helpful and friendly staff in a relaxed atmosphere. Rating: absolutely recommendable.

I’d also like to know where the expresssion “pasha” stems from and what it stands for. Does it describe a man sitting around in his home to wait on his wife hand and foot? We look that up in an islamic dictionary Islam-Lexikon and learn that the term pasha probably originated from the Persian language from “padischah”. The term describes a title alike to the status of a chieftain and was not religiously coined.

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