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Whenever one was thinking of the Gulf reagion, one was thinking of Dubai. Yesterday a new player appeared on the scene: the oil-rich and natural gasoline-rich emirate Qatar. As already reported duel of the gulf states the other states try to catch up.

Yesterday the DB Interntionale GmbH declared its deal to the amount of 17 billion dollar with the Gulf emirate. One year ago already, a mutual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed up a a common statement of purpose.

Both parties established the Qatari Diar Qatar Railways Development Company for the project. By now, however, there are no such news on the homepage of the company. According to an entry in the social network “LinkedIn” the Qatari enterprise is a government agency and active in the real estate industry.

According to reports of these Online-Portals AME Qatar seems to have a lot of infrastructure- and real-estate-projects up its sleeve. Besides its activities with the German car manufacturer VW Qatar seems to have put other German companies as well on their agenda. Also Hessian and the Rhein-Main-Presse seem to be impressed by the far-reaching investment plans of Qatar.

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