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It is Whit Monday and therefore German Mill Day. We want to explore some of the technical masterpieces. On the internet I search for some interesting buildings near by. I choose the mill Liesebach at Räbke. I also come across the water mill of Klein Quenstedt. Being close to Haldensleben we decide to combine the visits with some cycling. Just the weather is the killjoy of the day. It is warm but changeable. Two times we have to escape from showers.

Liesebach mill at Räbke
We start at Räbke. There are already some cars parked on the Arme Reihe. But upon reaching the mill we are really surprised: the place is packed! The courtyard is full of people, beer benches and booths for eating and drinking. It is hardly possible to reach the entry of the mill. After all this time of distance keeping and wearing masks it feels awkward.

We are just in time for the next guided tour. The building has three storeys. The mill was erracted in 1236. In 1905 Franz Liesebach bought the mill and used it until 1955. Up to 3 tons of flour were produced a day. The friend’s association Liesebach mill e.V. brought the mill back to life. Since then it is powered by the Schunter.
On the ground floor the rush is still bearable. It is more crowded on the first floor. The second floor is too cuddly for us. We therefore return to the courtyard. Even buying a Bratwurst is out of the question. We go back to our car and move on towards Halberstadt. Whereas the sky is almost completely blue, dark clouds are gathering.

Alongside the Holtemme
We reach Klein Quenstdt and experience the same thing as at Räbke. The place is hopelessly overcrowded. Still, the Bratwurst brazler is quick. We would have like to take part in a guided tour but it is fully booked. We are moving on to Halberstadt. We change our car for the bikes and get started. Not long after the start the wind picks up. The manor Mahndorf with its farm café lies before us. Unfortunately all seats are occupied. Too bad. We move on. Only five minutes later it starts raining. We find shelter under some trees. It is only a shower though.

We take our time and ride to Derenburg. The former castle of Derenburg is now a hotel and café. However compared to the other places this one is empty. We decide to move on. On our left hand side we discover the Harzer Glasmanufaktur. We enter the building. Well, the stuff is not really our taste. Despite we take a look around and head off towards Minsleben.

Soaking wet a the Rothe Mühle
We continue our excursion alongside the river Holtemme and almost reach the Rothe Mühle. But what is it? There is a river crossing the cycle path. We cannot really see how deep the water is. We grit our teeth and press on. Well, it wasn’t be. The water splashes our, the shoes are soaking wet, my trousers too. Bugger! That’s not good for the temper.
Outside in the garden all hell broke loose. Horrible schlager music comes out of the loudspeakers and there is not Aperol Spritz available as well. I change my clothes in the bathroom and let my trousers dry in the sun. With coffee and beer we sit down at a calm table with a view onto the water an the garden. Well, the short sunbath is relaxing. On the horizon we spot heavy clouds. We start our return path and struggle hell for leather. Looking back over my shoulder I can see that it is already raining behind us.

With his last ounce of strength we reach Haldensleben. It is trickeling. When we finally reach the car it starts pouring. How lucky we are!