Christina/ July 11, 2021/ The daily grind

After continuous rainfall on friday luck is on our side again on sunday. We decide on the hike Otterpfad Wahrenholz-Nord and thus walk on the traces of the otter alongside the river Ise. The flora and fauna at the river fascinates us. It is a true dragonfly dream we come across. Both, beautiful demoiselles and Grüne Flussjungfern are on parade and are posing for us. We let the day fade away with a feast on my balcony.

Between Heidjerpfad and Mönchskreuz
We start at the strain station of Wahrenholz. At first we turn left into Bahnhofstraße, than right into Schützenstraße. At the next crossing we walk towards the town centre. At the savings bank we leave the street direction of Groß Oesingen. At the bakery we turn again right into the Wiesenstraße. We come across Station two of the Otterpfad. We follow the road until the sign “Heidjerpfad”. There we turn right into a street with cobblestone. Until station three it is about eight kilometres. The path to this place is quite boring. At the end of the way there we come across the Friedenseiche between Schönewörde and Oerrel. We take a break there. Before that we pass by the Mönchskreuz. It is said that at this place a monk died in a snow storm in the year 1528.

The dragonfly-dream at Wahrenholz-Nord
The way back is more exciting. We are in for some highlights from flora and fauna. On the river Ise we gaze at some nice water lillies which cover the river. We walk alongside the Elbe-Seitenkanal and absorb the tranquility of the transport ships passing by. Being back on the way parallel to the Elbe-Seitenkanal we reach a wonderful rest area. What makes this place special is the river Ise on which a lot of beautiful demoiselles are scrimmaging. I meet my dragonfly-dream. It is absolutely fascinating to watch these insects drifting. I watch them for a while seeing how elegantly they act. Again and again they to a branch lying in the water or sit on a water lily. I am happy about the dragonflies giving me the chance to picture them.

Visiting the green Flussjungfer
It is not easy for me to leave this place. However, we move on. Already at the next crossing we encounter another natural spectacle. A green Flussjungfer lounges on a leaf and land directly in front of my camera. I cannot resist. I have a feeling of happiness in my stomach upon taking the picture of this grazile insect.

After this station we follow the path to Schönewörde. On our way we meet a group of teenagers pushing a handcart and a Ghettoblaster. The waggon is well-stocked with beer, vodka and softdrinks. Everything the heart desires. We cross Schönewörde. We are already on our way back.

The ladykiller Hermann Löns
We go for a beer. Upon returning to Wahrenholz we take a look around. We strike at the country guest house Schönecke. On the beverages list I discover the it-drink of the summer: Lillet with Wild Berries. I want to try it by all means. I realize it is a good choice. A Sangria punch follows.

Slightly tipsy we let this hiking day fade away. The owner of the guesthouse tells us some anecdotes from the region. He tells us, for example, that the “moor poet” Hermann Löns took care of women besides his talent as a writer. Well, that reminds me of one song by Marius Müller-Westernhagen called “Ladykiller“.

Dinner with style
Despite some french fries we are still hungry after this 25 kilometre walk. On our way back we stop at an Aldi branch at Meine and buy salmon, chanterelles and wine. Back home it is easy to make a tasty dinner out of these ingredients which we enjoy on my balcony with some cold white wine. Well, summer can move on this way for me.