Christina/ March 30, 2021/ The daily grind

The Corona-Pandemie still prevails and it is still lockdown. But I never tire of insisting on finding new hiking or bicycle touring destinations. This time I find my luck east of Königslutter, where the giants live, at Rieseberg (giant’s mountain). And there is not only a hill but also a moor and an adventure trail.

The street king of Rieseberg
From Braunschweig I follow the signs of the town-twinning bicycle trail “Braunschweig-Magdeburg”. At Lauingen I make a left turn to Rieseberg. When I reach the village I wonder where the moor might be. I am kind of lost but lucky as a girl on roller skates approaches me. I ask her for directions. “Do you want to go the house?” she asks. What house? Well, I don’t know I just want to go to the moor, I reply. She gives me some directions and I make my way to the village limits. I turn right and climb the hill to the moor. A man with his grandchild passes by. I stop and ask once more for directions. He tells me I am right and wants to know whether I am looking for the sand hill. What sand hill? I am irritated. He tells me to go straight and then later on I should turn left to find the sand hill.

Sand hill with heath-like ground covering
I follow the signs to the rubblestone garden. I meet another two ladies sitting on a bench. I approach the two as I reach a crossing and do not know whether to turn left right here. Well a left turn would only lead me into the forest they claim and would lead me to THE house. Ah, okay. I turn around and see another stroller. The lady tells me that the Käthe Kollwith youth centre seems to be over there but it is privately owned by now. The hill, she says, is a little bit further down the road.

The rubblestone garden
I continue and suddenly there is a sign leading me to the rubblestone garden. Is this also the place with the sand hill? I don’t know and it does not matter. The garden is very idyllically located, it is quite and inviting to me.

I take a good look around and enjoy the calm. After a while I continue towards Königslutter and turn left heading for Lauingen again. I pass by Bornum and Gardessen. High above Gardessen I admire the first blooming trees and enjoy the marvellous panorama. I enjoy the moment.

In the centre of Gardessen the Friedenseiche with it corresponding information sign catchs my eye. The tree has been planted as a sign of thankfullness and confidence because men of Gardessen came home safely from war. Maybe we should plant some trees a the end of the Corona-pandamic?

Vielleicht sollten wir am Ende der Corona-Pandemie auch ein paar Eichen pflanzen? Nachdenklich geht es über Cremlingen nach Braunschweig zurück. Thoughtfully I go back to Braunschweig.