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The holiday motto for this year is clear: holidays at home. Corona changed many things in 2020, a.o. travel plans. Actually I was about to finalize my (South-)East Europe tour with a visit to Rumania. Well, I guess this is not a good idea this year. Therefore I chose Upper-Bavaria, more precise the village “Fall” close to Lenggries. Round about Lenggries four different hiking tours are scheduled with different requirements to technical experience and condition. Culturally we paid a visit to the climatic spa of Lenggries and Bad Tölz. And of course such things as peal of bells from cows, beautiful flowers of the Alps and the magnificent mountain farmings should not be missing. Everything that the hiker’s heart desires. But what really made this holiday to a home leave is the encounter with a village that has my name, my namesake: the Schlegldorf! Well I am sure that the Bavarian knows how to
thrill its visitors.

Nine hours with a mask on your face
I was not spoilt for choice this time. There was no destination available this year outside Europe. At last even Europe was partly a troubled area and I did not want to risk fourteen days in quarantine. Therefore Upper-Bavaria.

I frankly admit: I was a little bit afraid of the very long train trip with a mask on my face – the Corona rules. Fortunately the aircondition worked this time within the ICE. The outside temperature on this day was more than 30 degrees centigrade. Upon my arrival at my destination point I am happy about the fresh mountain air. Wonderful, I breathe in deeply.

At the green Isar
Prior to the diner I want to stretch my legs for a while. I have a stroll around the barrier lake. It is so nice how green the water is. With some boats on top of it and the mountains in the background I take a snapshot that reminds of Thailand (even though I have not been there so far). What a start.

On the first two hiking days we had tough luck with the weather. The typical beautiful views from the top of the mountain must be omitted. However skies clear up in the afternoon, so that we can enjoy the landscape then. On the second day we pay a visit to Bad Tölz. I am fascinated by the architecture. The old part of the town reminds me of a dollhouse. Both the city and the restaurants and cafés are packed with tourists. It is hard to believe that Corona is still here.

Separate the wheat from the chaff
On the fourth day we are faced with the most challenging and most exciting tour. We are going up with the Brauneck ropeway, it is the town’s landmark mountain. The hiking trip starting at the ropeway and leading to the Benediktenwand is only for master hikers. Many times we have to give it all in. The trail can only be managed with some climbing. But it is really fun to be challenged this way. On the top of the Benediktenwand we enjoy the environment and the view to the Walchensee.

Mountain farming
The way back leads via Altweibersteig. This path is also not easy to walk. Partly it is steep, it demands high concentration, sure-footed and a head for heights. Whoever wants to be challenged you have come to the right place.

My conclusion
Holidays at home are nice. Germany has a lot to offer, also as a destination. Well and I will definitely keep an eye on the Schlegldorf – either as retirement place or as candidate for the next mayor elections.

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