Christina/ December 26, 2020/ The daily grind

The Motto: “Doing something different for a chance” has a quite new meaning these days. Spending time outdoors has become very popular by now. Today, on Christmas day, Christian take his bunnies for a walk into the Einbecker urban forest. Why? Because the playboy-bunny has a trial of its own down there! Next to the bunny’s path there is more to discover, i.e. the Greener fortress, that’s the reason why we come here. We perfect our excursion with a visit to the half-timbered houses and beer city Einbeck.

the playboy-lap within the Einbecker urban forest
I am always good for a joke, also this time when I spot the bunny-symbol in a tree signposting a hiking trail. I instantly baptize the trail “playboy lap” within the Einbecker urban forest. We all need some bit of fun.

Right at the beginning at the Einbecker Sonnenberg I realized that this will be something special today. The houses on top of the hill look like a white village and reminded me of the white buildings of Ronda, one of the white villages at Andalusia.

The name of the hill is well justified: The village lies in the sun almost all day long! Moreover you can enjoy a wonderful view from this place over the Leinetal.

At the black hut
We follow the path of the bunny until we reach a crossing with an information board. We get some information about the area and its trails from here. Our goal is the Greener fortress. We are lucky to meet a forest ranger giving us directions. “Well you have a choice of two trails, you can take the steep one or the longer flat one. It’s up to you.” For sure, we choose the steep one just to get rid of roast goose and Co. from our hips.

We snuffle and sweat but we make it to the top and reach the so called “black hut”. We take a short break, drink some water and are filled with wonder about the Christmas decorations hanging in the trees. The rest of our hiking trail is well signposted from here on.

The fortress Greene
After some time we reach the fortress of Greene. We enjoy a fantastic view from here onto the villages laying before us. The panoramic view is supported by the sun – can you ask for more? This is the perfect spot for a lunch break.

On our way back we take the path to Taubergsruh. Having arrived there we discover a nicely and lovely renovated house located directly in the forest. We pass by a tree with an amazing root and walk to the Himmelreichstraße. We take a descend then, we have entered home stretch. At Negenborn we turn right and see the Sonnenberg in front of us. A really nice walk.

Einbeck: Half-timbered houses, beer and Oldtimer
At the end of the day we drive to Einbeck. After our visit to the old town of Celle last sunday Christian wants to show us the half-timbered houses of Einbeck this time. The city has about 400 half-timbered houses, amongst them a complete street of houses from the 16th century.

There are some hightlights on the market square: i.e. the most beautiful town hall. On the Tiedexer Street we come across the street of houses and later on the old city wall. We walk on the former ramparts of the town and slowly walk back to our car. It is about sunset and it is getting cold.