Christina/ January 17, 2021/ The daily grind

What is as annoying as Corona? Exactly, politicians in a bumper election year. As a consequence of this the actual conincidence of Corona and a bumper election year is something like a super event of vainness or simply a nightmare for the citizen.

The signal has just been sent and the representatives of the parties are already busy with positioning themselves with even more restrictive measure to fight Corona: „My idea must be more harsh than the one of my competitor. Otherwise it will not be effective.“ Why the technique of scaring others works best to enforce restrictions of all kinds you can read all about it in Gerald Hüthers‘ bestseller „Wege aus der Angst“.

But to return to the original issue let’s start with my report on the daily release that is still possible. This sunday I made it to the Asse (a wooded mountain rainge) and could thereby grab a piece of winter wonderland.

Almost 500 metres of altitude have to be crested
We park our car close to the sports ground at Groß Denkte. At first we crest the Vorderer Eichberg. We therfore walk uphill and warm up very fast on this cold Sunday. Having reached the top we enjoy a wonderful panoramic view on the slightly snow-covered village. We take the crest to reach the Philosophenweg (one of the main walkways) and follow it to the end. The snow amount varies all the time. Sometime the path is slippery, sometimes it is not. It depends on how high we are and whether the snow thawed off during the day and freezed again at night.

Courtyard or halo?
Above the Asse, chamber II we leave the Philosopenweg and consider ourselves to be at the Ruhr for a while. The sun cannot make it through the clouds this day but has a nice courtyard around it or is a halo? We let the scenery sink in and ascend the Watzeberg. We meet the first sledger here, kids with their grand parents who have a fling in the snow. We reach Wittmar. It gets crowded at this place because this is the main parking lot. Besides the „Liebesallee“, the Bismarckturm, the Asseburg and another sled hill are close.

Almost like Norway
Suddenly we meet more people than before. Unfortunately that make the paths more slippery but it is still okay. We make a stop high above Wittmar and admire the wonderful panoramic view. If we did not know better we could be in Norway right now. After having passed the ruins of the Asseburg it calms down again. Most of the people do not take the big loop around the Asse but simply stretch their legs or watch their kids bobsleighing.

We take another narrow path to return to our starting point. I finalize my track recording of the hike and I am amazed that we almost mastered a difference in altitude of 500 metres. Therefore I can enjoy my couch for the rest of the day by now without feeling guilty.