Christina/ January 24, 2021/ The daily grind

These days it take some fantasy to invent a diversified weekend program. What can you do if you are in for some „exotic animals“ but cannot travel? Well, it is as easy as this: just walk to the Dowesee: there is a small open-air zoo. Mallard ducks, Egyptian goose, nutrias and herons are scrimmaging over there in a pleasurable way. Whether there is Corona or not, they do not care.

Where the Nutrias have fun
One week ago I have been here before. However, I missed taking some pictures of the Dowesee at the northern part of Braunschweig. Via Ringgleis, Ölpersee, past the Eintracht Stadium we walk to the Schul- and Bürgerpark at the Doweseeweg. Most of the entrances are closed, it is possible to enter however through the main entrance. Due to Corona opening hours are limited to 4 o’clock in the afternoon by now.

Especially families with small kids are strolling around here. Due to the „zoo“ that has gathered here it is definitely a good idea to come here in order to blow away the cobwebs of both, the parents and the children. And I guess these little cut creatures contribute to this. We are talking about nutrias here that are bustling around on ground and water.

And they are not shy at all. Cheerfully they are passing by the visitors, pleased to eat some gras or swimming happily in the water of the Dowesee. In face of the furry creature the faces of the visitors are beaming. One thing becomes obvious: Everyone is looking for some kind of relieve and dispersement these days.

An European robin at the end of the day
Shortly before leaving the garden I succeed in taking a snapshot. An European robin has settle down on a branch. I would love to take a picture of this colourful bird. For many times I was about to take a picture of a bird – at last of a nice bird of prey -. However in a jiffy they decided to fly away and thus to spoil my request. But this time I am lucky. The robin keeps calm, looks directly into my camera and I can take the picture I was longing for. Mission completed.

And now that I have discovered the Dowesee for me I might return in spring, if not earlier than that.