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Three things at a time, you think that is not possible? It is, at the Asse: Liebesallee, Bismarckturm und Asseburg are the hightlights close to the namesake disposal zone. However, the Asse is also a ridge which is located east south east from Wolfenbüttel and a nice hiking area. It has been a while that I walked there for the last time and I am thus surprised how the area has changed with a bunch of new informationboards giving the visitor information about the historical development of the region. After the hike I recommend the Café Zuckerstube at Wittmar to you. Just a hint: It is a good idea to make a reservation at the weekend.

The Liebesallee
This year the Braunschweiger Land witnesses due to Corona quite a huge amount of strollers and hikers. I have been here before many times, by foot or bike and until now it has been a rather quite place. This Sunday the adjacent parking lot is quite packed. At first we spot a presentaton board of the recreation area. The board illustrates both the walking trail and the places of interest, such as the Liebesalle with its European hornbeam, a really romantic sight and an inviting path leading to the Bismarckturm.

At the tower there are a couple of hikers, but it is not crowded though. We climb up the stairs of the building and enjoy the magnificient view from top of it, overlooking Wittmar and also the Brocken.

Vandals at the stamp spot
From the Bismarckturm it is only a stone’s throw to the ruins of the Asseburg. From the former, once impregnable castle built on a hill there are only some stones left. Next to the ruins stands a stamp spot of the northern Harz foreland. I pull out my stamp book and I am about to collect another one when a thought crosses my mind: „Hopefully the stamp has not been stolen yet.“ Opening the door of the stamp booth I realize that I am just right: Once again some idiots destroyed the stamp and wrenched the stamp from its holding. I will never understand what this is good for.

On the philosopher’s way
We are leaving the forest behind the Asseburg for a short while and enter it once again direction towards the ridgeway. We reach the so called philosopher’s way, a nice small path within the forest, which goes from Remlingen to Denkte. At the end oft he way we reach the funnel II of the Asse. At the entrance of the disposal zone we enter the forest once more leading us back to the parking lot.

Into the good Zuckerstube
Already at the drive to the Asse we discovered at the village boundary of Wittmar the signpost to the Café Zuckerstube. Well, just the name of the café sounds so tempting that we cannot resist the treat after our hiking trip. The coffeehouse is located in the garden of a very nice mansion and it is nicely done. The place seems to be very popular, we are lucky to get hold of a table. Many seatings have been reserved. Here, we are enjoying the rest of the afternoon.

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