Christina/ May 25, 2021/ The daily grind

The forest of Hildesheim meanwhile became know terrain to me by now. More than once I moved closer to it. However, what we discover this Whit Monday is something special. One the one hand it is the perfect weather. On the other hand it is the beautiful nature around Wesseln with its faszinating fauna and an almost perfect forest. The Tosmarkamm is definitely the highlight of the hike.

The Isetta
Once again we are inspired by one of the Sachsenkrieger’s hiking routes. Even though his pseudonym sounds martial his hiking proposals are wonderful and exemplary.

Being equipped with a GPS-data we start on monday morning. We drive the car to Wesseln and look for a good parking space. We find it underneath a shadowy tree. A senior working in his garden steps up to us curiously looking. At first I am not sure whether he is bothered by us parking in front of his house. Actually he is looking for some company and the chance to tell somebody his jokes.

“Did you know”, he says, “that there is only one female car?” Then he starts to numerate several car models for demonstration purposes: The BMW, the Mercedes, the Golf, but: the Isetta. Whereas I disengage mentally, Frederik pays attention to the man – at least it looks like it. It motives the senior to tell a second story. I rank the conversation as men’s talk and thus concentrate on the hike lying before us.

On the Pissweg up to the Steinberg
We leave Wesseln direction of the glider airfield. On the so called Pissweg, a narrow path, we walk uphill to the Steinberg. We do not know where from the path got its name but probably it is used upon fairs in order to relieve oneself unhindered.

From the Steinberg we enjoy a nice view on Wesseln. We continue on a narrow path to the Oheberg. We have a panoramic view on Groß Düngen, the Innerste valley and on Hildesheim. The path gets nicer and nicer. We reach Sonnenberg which lives up to it’s name today. On our way we watch a red kite. A nice bridge leads us over the Pepperbach. We move on and reach Röderhof after a short while. Prior we meet a horse called “Merlin”, a mildew that is very busy with its fodder and thus has not time for us.

Meeting a broad-bodied chaser
We move on an reach the forest once again. We sit down on a bench and take a break. We are eqally happy abouot the tour and the weather. This part of the Hildesheimer forest is really nice. We reach the Söhrer Forsthaus. The interesting part are the Söhrer Erdfälle. We are surprised by the diversity of the route. We are especially happy about the encounter with a broad-bodied chaser. Frederik is lucky to take a snapshot of the insect.

On the Tosmar ridge
From Dieckholzen we are faced with a steep climb up to the highlight of the hike: the Tosmar ridge. I guess we overcome mosts of the differences in altitude at this point. It is time to take a short break on a bench. Oh, there is one. What is written there: “Bench for elderly heroes”. Well, we cannot be meant by this. Still, the place is so nice, we sit down.

Our next goal is the peak of the Tosmar on 320 metres. A sign tells us that there used to be a tower once which collapsed in 1940. Until the Teufelsküche the path is sheer poetry. It is slobbery though because it rained quite a lot in the past days but the beauty of the landscape makes us forget.

From the Teufelsküche we walk to the restaurant Waldfrieden and from there via a intertwined, almost adventurous path to the gliding field close to Wesseln. Walking along the gliding field, once again on a very small path, we reach the forest’s ridge again. We enjoy anew the magnificent view and are almost sad to reach the end of the walk – we are back at Wesseln.

We liked the tour very much and it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful ones I undertook this year.